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Wooden Floor

A&B Drywall & Ceilings provides residential and commercial interior renovations, including drywall work in new buildings in Eastern Ontario. These renovations include Contractor services such as steel studs installation, drywall hanging, taping, and suspended acoustic tile ceilings.

With over 25 years in the industry, we put our experience to work for you, providing high quality workmanship and timely service.

Our level of experience speaks for itself with our excellent workmanship, on-site etiquette, punctuality, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Reduce Acoustic Noise

A&B Drywall & Ceilings installs T-bar ceilings, which help to cut interior noise levels. This type of construction utilizes acoustic ceiling tiles, which reduce reverberating noise.

Finishing Touches

Whether you are renovating your existing home, building a new one, or building a new commercial property/space, we will handle all of your wall and ceilings preparations. With our prompt drywall installation and taping, you will be ready to paint at in no time at all.


Contact us today to take your interior and exterior project to the next level.

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